Kawaii lingerie shop “une nana cool”

unnana itami

Une nana cool is a retail shop of an underwear company Wacoal but this
shop only sells lingerie with cute designs.The shops are located in the narrow street called Spain-zaka in Shibuya and in a fashion building MYLOAD (we will talk about this name
next time!) and elsewhere nationwide.

une nana cool
There are lots of bras and panties with cute designs. The print pattern of dogs, floret, dot, and stripe are the standard items.

une nana bra
If you purchase an unpatterned colourful cotton item and also an appliqu for it, a sales assistant can stick it on with a special big iron on the spot at your request. I think for bras there is a range of sizes up to about 36DD for American, and 90E for French, and about 3 for Italian. For panties L size means a big M size.

If you mouse over the Japanese at the top part of site, a colourful bird will appear to click.
Even looking at the pictures is enjoyable enough!

Une nana cool



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