sandwich at fruit shop

Sandwich at fruit

There are some famous “fruit shops” in Tokyo. They specialize in fruits that are delicious and as beautiful as jewels (and expensive)!

However the Japanese have a traditional long-lasting custom that we give gifts to each other at every occasion. This is the shop we often go to buy something for those occasions.

Most of these old established fruit shops have fruit parlours upstairs where you may find many colourful and delicious menus using those fruits the shops are proud of.

I bet many people can’t resist this temptation very often. One of the most irresistible is a fruit sandwich which shows the sides of all fruits sliced thinly stacked up inside sparkling like a jewellery box. They also told me that they make this sandwich with sliced fruits and sour cream inside with lemon buttered breads. Please try one of these if you are tempted!



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