challenge and built the theremin!

otona no kagaku theremin

“The theremin” is the electronic musical instrument invented by Russian inventor in the 1920s. The building kits of this theremin including a circuit board and a box came out on the market recently and I tried to build it.

theremin kit

The kit came with a book called “Science magazine for adults vol.17” published by an educational publishing company and it is easy enough for even girls to build.


This instrument is played by moving your hands closer to the antennas or away from the antennas. It brings out the feel of nostalgia and kawaii and is popular with some girls in Japan. In fact a theremin which looks like a Russian Matryoshka doll called “Matryomin” has been released.

There is an article in a magazine about interviewing musicians such as Cornelius and also an article about the customized theremin which tells you how to decorate your theremin or remodel it by putting it inside a soft toy.

theremin cornelius

Cornelius plays Theremin. (youtube)

theremin custom

theremin built1

with only a driver.

theremin built2

The power supply as for the battery.


It costs about 20 dollars. But in the end it is only a toy musical instruments; it doesn’t make good sound.
(not me.)

Vol.17 theremin mini


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