kamon generator

kamon generator

Kamon is a family symbol pattern, which has been passed down in each family for generations. Nowadays you don’t see it in everyday life. So many of you may even not know what your Kamon is.

kamon generator aya-taka

This new online service, which generates your Kamon by entering your name & date of birth, has started recently. This is a part of promotional activities conducted by Coca-Cola Japan for their Japanese green-tea beverage product.

Unfortunately only Japanese text is accepted. So I have tried to enter a few celebrities’ names in Japanese and get their Kamon made. How are they like?
Any Kawaii designs?

  • Paris Hilton = ひるとん ぱりす(in Japanese character) / February 17, 1981
  • kamon paris

    3 pigs on her kamon!

  • Lindsay Lohan = ろぉはん りんじぃ(in Japanese character) / July 2, 1986
  • kamon linsey

    Japanese character kanji ”和” designed,why!?

  • Brad Pitt = ぶらっど ぴっと(in Japanese character) / December 18, 1963
  • kamon Brad Pitt

    Snow Crystal designed.

    kamon generator

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