Ugly Betty on Japanese TV

Ugly Betty on Japanese TV

The first season of “Ugly Betty” has started in Japan, too. A small preview of the Japanese version is now available form its Japanese official site. Wonder how American people think of it if they check that?

In Japan those suspense drams like “24” or “LOST” are more popular – they even score higher rental-rates than movies at rental DVD shops.

24 Twenty Four

Lost tv drama

Other dramas such as “The O.C” or “Desperate Housewives” are also put on the air in Japan, but not quite as popular. (Although I like them) .

The OC

desperate housewives 3

Our own Japanese dramas are getting pretty boring nowadays, and people would enjoy American or Korean dramas more.

Ugly Betty (Japan)
24 -TWENTY FOUR (Japan)
LOST (Japan)
The OC (Japan)
Desperate Housewives 3 (Japan)


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