Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll


My friend has just visited to ‘Tokyo Skytree(R)’ in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
The Tokyo Skytree(R) is the world’s tallest, freestanding, broadcasting tower in which was just opened on May 22nd, 2012. It is 634 meters (2080ft) high.

Also, a giant commercial facility, Tokyo-solamachi was just opened at the same time with Tokyo Skytree(R).
There are a lot of shops and restaurants there. We are able to have some fun time all day long.



However, my friend bought a small present for me that was ‘Tokyo Skytree(R) long roll’.
The length of the long roll is made 1/1000 size of Tokyo Skytree(R).
It is a very fun confectionery for gifts.
I want to visit there after a while because it is very crowded now.

Tokyo Skytree – 東京スカイツリー
Tokyo Skytree – Wikipedia
Tokyo Soramachi


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