Himitsu Do

Himistu Do1

I went to the shaved ice shop Himitsu Do in Yanaka.

Himistu Do2

Himistu Do3

For their shaved ice, they use the traditional Japanese ice chipper.
The ice shaved by this machine has a very soft and fluffy texture.

Himistu Do4

Their shaved ice flavors vary depending on the season.
This shaved ice shop is open all year round, not just in the summer,
creating unique shaved ice by making sauce from fruits that are in season.

Himistu Do5

They have Orange Yogurt and Powdered Soy Bean Cherry flavors, and the one I ate was Melon flavored.
Try any of the fresh fruit flavors, they are very delicious.

Himitsu Do – ひみつ堂 (Japanese)
Himitsu Do (Tabelog) – ひみつ堂(食べログ) (Japanese)

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  1. I love your blog! It’s fascinating and very nice!
    How can I find this shop on your Google maps? I really like your addresses!
    In October I will be in Tokyo and hope to check out some of your tips.

    Keep on blogging!




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