Tiger & Bunny collaborate with Domino’s Pizza


I don’t watch animes ordinary, but now I’m into Tiger & Bunny.
If you are anime fan, my explanation will be boring.
Kotetsu (his name’s kanji “ko (虎)” means tiger) aka Wild Tiger is veteran (old style) superhero in Sternbild City.
Sometimes he does too much to save people and keep justice, so his company (yes, superheroes are employee and their activities are always broadcasting) and sponsors get angry.
Then he need to become a “buddy” of cheeky handsome rookie Barnaby Brooks Jr.(Kotetsu calls him bunny from his name Barnaby)…


Anyway, these superheroes has sponsors of our real world. One of them “Fire Emblem” is sponsored by Domino’s Pizza in the latest movie.


Because of that, you can get Tiger & Bunny pizza box with 2 kinds of original short drama CD or a special mug.


Fire Emblem speaks as a drag queen, the message from him/her is on the box – “The box is  hot like my fire, please be careful ♥”

Tiger & Bunny Special Set – Domino’s Pizza (Japanese)
Tiger & Bunny – Wikipedia
Tiger & Bunny The Beginning Movie (Japanese)



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