Switch Room – Shibuya Hikarie


Excuse me if you’re checking here while having your lunch. Switching Rooms are restrooms of Shibuya Hikarie.
These are not only for physiological phenomenon. Places for switching feelings.


3rd floor’s is for men and women. Cool black outwards, and there’s air shower booth to blow bad smell or pollen (there’s a lot of hay fever people in Tokyo).



4th one is women only. colourful, good aroma scents, and each booth has different artistic themes.


5th one is also women only, and beyond our imagination – if you have Tokyu (Hikarie’s management company) group’s credit card (you can make it easily if you have work in Japan), you can use VIP room.
I’m sorry I don’t have the card, I peeped there’s gorgeous sofa, foot massage chair, mobile battery charger, and oxygen bar.


Even if there’s no card, we can sit on rattan sofa for a while if anyone don’t need that next. The vending machine near the sofa is selling not only drinks but high quality mouth wash and cosmetics…

Shibuya Hikarie
Virtual Switch Room (Japanese)



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