OOAK arm warmers by miquraffreshia


This winter Tokyo is cold, but I’m lucky enough – I could had a chance to order one-of-a-kind arm warmers to a stunning artist miquraffreshia!
My request was “colorful galaxy (or aurora) in the dark black sky”.


I LOVE this fluffy galaxy, so happy to go out with these! It’s really funny and good my arms looks like some kind of spacey-animals!

miquraffreshia – poetry of crochet (Japanese)
miquraffreshia – Flickr

“OOAK arm warmers by miquraffreshia” への 1 件のフィードバック

  1. They look likes fluffy cat paws =^w^=!
    Winter in Belgium is just too harsh, even if I wear armwarmer and tons of clothes, I’m frozen @.@




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