Tiger & Bunny DVD vol.1 for US



I was so excited when I found Tiger & Bunny DVD vol.1 for US in my post.
Waited for a while, because I’d love to learn English from these “showes”. I need to go to NYC on March but my listening/speaking skill is not far enough.
I watched this anime’s epsodes again and again, now I remember almost of lines of the characters in Japanese!
It makes me much easier to guess what they say in English. XD

And more, of course this DVD has Japanese version. If when I miss Wild Tiger’s Tokyo-accents, I can easily hear that too.
So happy not to borrow that from my nearest DVD-rental-shop again…maybe the shop staff remembers me as crazy fan (yeah it’s true, though).

Tiger & Bunny – Facebook
Tiger & Bunny – Wikipedia
Tiger & Bunny (Japanese)



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