Black Thunder “GIRI” can


Black Thunder is a famous cheapy yummy chocolate bar with crashed biscuits and cocoa cookies.
Ordinary, you can get it at supermarkets. Children likes it, and grown-ups loves it too.




This reasonable chocolate bar hold unique campaign for Valentine’s Day.
Their copy was “One glance will be enough to make you know this is not from love but duty”.
You know Japanese girls gives chocolate not only for the guy who she loves, but her around for giri (duty) on Valentine’s Day.
Special vending machines appeared in Shinjuku underpass. First you needed to get QR code, then put it on the machine, you’d get special can for free!


Three Black Thunder bars were in it, and the special stickers crack me up… tiny black heart stickers says “GIRI” in big red letters.
Another paper was funny too, it was illustrated how-to use this can.

Black Thunder – Yuraku Seika (Japanese)


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