47 gift



Where are you come from? Japan has 47 prefectures. You know Tokyo is a huge metropolitan city, countless number of people come and go.
Shibuya Hikarie making a proposal of local and stylish summer gift (it is a custom peculiar to Japan) based on every prefectures specialities.


Hokkaido has a lot of special products, but the box was full of cutest junk foods – polar bear faced instant ramen, squid rice snack, and bottle of beer.


Ymagata is also famous for good fruits but the box was full of cute nostalgic packaged sweets.


I was surprised when I found a box of my hometown Tokyo. It was small rice pack and iron rice pot. I didn’t know someone still growing rice around here.
All of the presentation of the gifts were really interesting.

47 gift – Hikarie
47 gift – D&DEPARTMENT



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