I got Tsumori’s cute pink-beige “Neko-Dot” cashmere scarf last year. I do love it but the color was too similar to my face… to say the truth, it was not nice in me.
I don’t want to make it being put in the closet forever. An idea had came into my head…maybe I could change the color of it? At first I thought I’d dye it by myself. But then I found famous dye color company DYLON doing dyeing service in Shinsen (only 1 station from Shibuya).



2 weeks ago I went to DYLON COLOR CENTER and chose the color number 11 Bordeaux from “multi” series.
Shop staff was professional of coloring and showed me some samples. She said it can be softer color and remain cute dots of the scarf. The price depends on weight of the fabrics. This scarf costs 3,000yen to dye.


10 days later they leave phone message it was done. I went to the shop again and re-born coloring of the scarf made me happy! I can’t wait the beautiful autumn day to put it on!




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