Mister Donut Brooklyn D&D



Mister Donut started latest donuts named Brooklyn D&D, it was inspired from NY style donuts, so they named after the city of NY.
But these donuts are not mixture of croissant and donut, but danish pastry and donut.



They call it “hybrid sweets”. It was good and I’ll try other flavors soon.

Mister Donut Brooklyn D&D

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  1. I am a New Yorker by birth — living in Japan currently. There is a food revolution going in now, not in Manhattan, but Brooklyn. Young hip chefs are coming up with new takes on many old classics. Don’t confuse these donuts with classic New York style donuts. Do consider them something right now, of the moment. What is a little different at Mr. Donut, is the donuts are decadent like in the hot new Brooklyn restaurants, but in Brooklyn the thing is to use great ingredients like ‘heritage Berkshire Farms Bacon’ and pure local Maple Syrup. In Brooklyn now, these chefs are all about using the freshest and best ‘locally available’ ingredients. In spirit, I think Mr. Donut got it right. Japanese donuts in general are not as sweet, but the toppings more than make up for it. A+


  2. Hi Matt, it’s really interesting that we could know about what is happening to Brooklyn donuts now!! Thanks! 🙂 I do hope to try to both of authentic new trendy Brooklyn style donuts and classic ones someday.




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