Japanese fashion magazines (+ free gifts)

Japanese fashion magazines

MORE“+”Cath Kidston

You know those girls’fashion magazines often offer various free gifts come with them.

Especially the Dec. issues, each mag has got a gorgeous free gift that I can not resist, so I end up buying it…..

Japanese fashion magazines

Clockwise from the bottom left, Charlotte Ronson’s pouch, MILKFED’s pouch, Cath Kidston’s pouch, Aesop’s Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Masque, Banner Barrett’s charm and Maison Martin Margiela’s pouch.

Japanese fashion magazines

marie claire“+”Aesop

Japanese fashion magazines



sweet“+”banner barrett

And others like a key chain by Marc Jacobs or a Kitson’s tote, many of them are collaborated products with poplar fashion brands.

When those free gifts are so too pretty, the temptation always win over me…..

“float Lab” Skincare Workshop

float Lab

“Float lab” is a workshop producing handmade skin care items.
The instructor Yuki Onuma has been suffered from atopy and allergy, and been looking for cosmetic products that suit and gentle to her skin by studying the ingredients of commercial products.

At the end, she made her own skincare, preservative-free and alcohol-free, then gradually regained her beautiful skin back.
Her skincare items have become very popular and attracted may participants to her workshop.

float Lab

This time we’d make Wash Cream and Recovery Lotion.
You just cannot live without this great Wash Cream, which looks like an ice cream with Oreo in, once you use it!.

Recovery Lotion contains floral water of rose & lavender, as well as other moisturizing herb essences effective for restoring dry skin.
Japanese girls put a lot of their efforts on keeping beautiful skin everyday.
We believe that beautiful skin makes a beauty. It is an underlying concept of Japanese beauty. Well, so many cosmetic companies offer a wide range of skincare products out here.