Little Twin Stars Towel .Pouch


I got a Little Twin Stars’ “secret” towel pouch.


The towel hanky’s size looks like very ordinary, but it has zipper as a pouch.


You can bring something secretly – not looks as you “need” to bring small pouch to bathroom or somewhere.
Or other ways, you can put some ice gel pack in it on summer time, or use it as temporary jewelry case, and more.

Little Twin Stars

Mikkuriman Choco 2


I found Bikkuriman chocolate peanut snack package turned into Hatsune Miku and other vocaloids.


As same as Bikkuriman, it contains a small sticker in the package with a crispy snack.
This package is spring limited edition for Family-Mart convenience chain stores.


I got cutest angel Miku and Kagamine Len stickers.

Hatsune Miku Spring Produts 2015 – Family-Mart
Hatsune Miku – Wikipedia
Bikkuriman – Wikipedia

Unico x Ginza Matsuya for GINZA FASHION WEEK


Unico is one of the cutest unicorn manga charactor, written by Osamu Tezuka.
His heartwarming, pure kindness and cheerful but really pain and sad stories were born in 1976, almost 40 years ago.
The manga is still beloved because of its lovely art and stories.




In this March, the comic books were beautifully re-published by latest technology of data scanning.
And now, Unico is working for Ginza Matsuya as the main character of GINZA FASHION WEEK.


You can buy “Unico x Pierre Herme” macaron box, the comic books, and adorable Unico brooches – when you buy a brooch from 300yen for minimum amount (you can pay more if you want!), you will raise fund for “Foundation for Promoting Sound Growth of Children”.


His cute smiles are blooming like sakura flowers everywhere in Ginza Matsuya.

Matsuya Ginza Instagram
Osamu Tezuka
Foundation for Promoting Sound Growth of Children

Fresh Punch – My Lovely 80’s collection




I was looking forward to start selling “Fresh Punch” series stationeries from Sanrio’s throwback “My Lovely 80’s” collection.
Surprisingly, this collections were sold out very quick, almost just only one day!
There’s so many girls who loved “Fresh Punch collection” on real-time 80’s, or who are so young and don’t know real-time but love the cutest collections.
I could barely get cutest small tissue paper pouch. I hope Sanrio will be considering to sell Fresh Punch collections again, very soon.

Fresh Punch – Sanrio
My Lovely 80’s – Sanrio