Suica penguin part1

suica penguin
by msk

This penguin is the mascot character of “Suica”, which is a prepaid card available for JR east (the train lines around Tokyo).

by Nemo’s great uncle

by Kanko*

You can get various character products at the station’s kiosks, pay by Suica, and of course, by cash.


momo-cyan became a Japanese sweet.

I got a Momo-cyan sweet and mitarashi-dango at a Japanese-style confectionery shop”oosumi-tamaya”.

sooo cute to eat Momo-cyan.

Momo-cyan sweet

Momo-cyan sweet

Momo-cyan is a PostPet Momo the Pink Teddy Bear.
mitarashi-dango are dipped in sweet syrup made with soysauce, sugar and starch.




handmade 8bit graphic “.s”

Handmade 8bit graphic

A toy called 「.s」 is like a combination of blocks and a puzzle where
you create a picture of dots by putting coloured “dot pin” into a
panel with lots of holes.


There is a kit you can use to create your favourite game character!
You can simulate this on a web to see how to do it and if you click on
a character, it will display a pattern of the picture so that you can
use it for cross-stitching as well.