Manju (traditional Japanese confection)

manju (traditional Japanese confection)

These Manju contain salt, are very tasty and good with green tea. Manju is a popular traditional Japanese confection.

manju (traditional Japanese confection)

There are many varieties of manju, but most have an outside made from flour, rice powder and buckwheat and a filling of an (red bean paste), made from boiled azuki beans and sugar.

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BINGATA:Okinawa’s traditional fabric Dye-Work


BINGATA is a famous Okinawa’s traditional fabric Dye-Work. The technique does not use patterns such as stencils, but it uses starches to be put on the fabric and dyes it.

The “BINTANYA”, located in Aoyama, Tokyo, offers BINGATA “washi” and other paper made products. They don’t have fabric products, but are specialized in paper’s. You can even order BINGATA patterned custom business cards from them!

1-1-1 Minami-Aoyama Minato-KU Tokyo Aoyama Twin Bld West 2F

Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA
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yen wear exhibition

yen ware exhibition

“yen ware exhibition” has been held at the collex LIVIN in Daikanyama. “yen ware” is a carbolated design brand by Rui Fukuda, a potter, and Toshirou Nakamura, a graphic designer.

yen ware exhibition

The father of Rui, who has been influenced by Bernard Leach had restored the “shodaiyaki” pottery studio, and Rui has took it over from him as the second generation
successor. At the opening party, people enjoyed Udon, Onigiri rice-ball and SAKEserved there.

yen ware exhibition

collex LIVING

collex – yen ware exhibition 07
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momo-cyan became a Japanese sweet.

I got a Momo-cyan sweet and mitarashi-dango at a Japanese-style confectionery shop”oosumi-tamaya”.

sooo cute to eat Momo-cyan.

Momo-cyan sweet

Momo-cyan sweet

Momo-cyan is a PostPet Momo the Pink Teddy Bear.
mitarashi-dango are dipped in sweet syrup made with soysauce, sugar and starch.




kamon generator

kamon generator

Kamon is a family symbol pattern, which has been passed down in each family for generations. Nowadays you don’t see it in everyday life. So many of you may even not know what your Kamon is.

kamon generator aya-taka

This new online service, which generates your Kamon by entering your name & date of birth, has started recently. This is a part of promotional activities conducted by Coca-Cola Japan for their Japanese green-tea beverage product.

Unfortunately only Japanese text is accepted. So I have tried to enter a few celebrities’ names in Japanese and get their Kamon made. How are they like?
Any Kawaii designs?

  • Paris Hilton = ひるとん ぱりす(in Japanese character) / February 17, 1981
  • kamon paris

    3 pigs on her kamon!

    “kamon generator”の続きを読む