Marunouchi HOUSE

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Marunouchi” is the business center of Japan and Japanese headquarters of those trading firms and major financial institutes are standing side by side here.

shin-marunouchi building by .Amy.huimei98.

Marunouchi HOUSE” has been opened last year as a community place where the people who work for these companies to meet and communicate. It is located on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building with cafes, restaurants and bars. In the open space, people can get together bringing the food & drinks they select from those shops.

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You can look down Tokyo station or Imperial Palace from up there, and it is transformed to a club space with famous DJs playing at night. (I haven’t been there myself yet, but heard that DJs like Tei Towa and FPM’d played there.)


Because the concept is to “invite” your friends to Marunouchi, the area seems to be a sort of “established” during the day time, but “Marunouchi HOUSE” at night sounds like a casual and fun place. If you have a change to come to Tokyo, why don’t you check there?

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