marble SUD 2014 spring & summer magazine book


I got marble SUD magazine book. “Leaf and Bird” printed cotton bag attached to the magazine.



The shoulder bag is far beyond freebie quality – it’s “too” nice.
If you find this at book store, I‘m highly recommend to buy it.


Also I‘m looking forward to their upcoming cute products.

marble SUD
marble SUD 2014 spring & summer magazine book –

Space Print Pocket Pencil Case from Cath Kidston


A few years ago, I was in love at first glance to space print by Cath Kidston.
BUT it was made for kids, the items line-up was boys’ backpack only.



This spring, my longing print is back, now they have some grown-up usable products!! At the beginning of my collection, I got a pencil case. It is for kids, but of course we can use.
I’ll put the small digital gadget and SD card in this.

Space print – Cath Kidston Japan

An apple bank from Kate Spade

I got a crunch bunch adorable apple bank from Kate Spade at Marunouchi.
I really love the simple smile face on the apple.

Kate Spade