Little Twin Stars Towel .Pouch


I got a Little Twin Stars’ “secret” towel pouch.


The towel hanky’s size looks like very ordinary, but it has zipper as a pouch.


You can bring something secretly – not looks as you “need” to bring small pouch to bathroom or somewhere.
Or other ways, you can put some ice gel pack in it on summer time, or use it as temporary jewelry case, and more.

Little Twin Stars

Mikkuriman Choco 2


I found Bikkuriman chocolate peanut snack package turned into Hatsune Miku and other vocaloids.


As same as Bikkuriman, it contains a small sticker in the package with a crispy snack.
This package is spring limited edition for Family-Mart convenience chain stores.


I got cutest angel Miku and Kagamine Len stickers.

Hatsune Miku Spring Produts 2015 – Family-Mart
Hatsune Miku – Wikipedia
Bikkuriman – Wikipedia