Kinoko no Yama strawberry milk

kinoko strawberry rennyu 1

Latest limited flavor of Kinoko no Yama (Chocorooms) is for early spring, strawberry and condensed milk.

kinoko strawberry rennyu 2

kinoko strawberry rennyu 3

The cute packages are full of kawaii strawberry illustrations, and the box says, “if you find the flowers on packages, you are lucky!”
Can you see the flowers on this? Have a lucky day!

Meiji (Japanese)

Komeda’s Coffee

komeda's coffee_1

Komeda’s Coffee is a chain company of coffee shops, but they are very famous of “Shironoir”.
Soft serve is on hot danish pastry. Simple and kinda nostalgic sweets!

komeda's coffee_2

My friend ordered “Cream soda”, the vivid green soda reminds us when
we were children!

Komeda’s Coffee (Japanese)

Pates de Fruits ‘Fruits Gelifier’ from Isetan

Pates de Fruits 'Fruits Gelifier' from Isetan 1

My friend gave me beautiful and colorful Pates de Fruits, ‘Fruits Gelifier’ from Isetan.

Pates de Fruits 'Fruits Gelifier' from Isetan 2

Pates de Fruits 'Fruits Gelifier' from Isetan 3

Pates de Fruits is an European traditional confiserie, however the ‘Fruits Gelifier’ has a slightly sticky texture that is adapted to the Japanese plate.

Isetan (Japanese)

Buche de Noel from Mariage Freres

Buche de Noel from Mariage Freres_1

My family and I had a Christmas cake, Buche de Noel from Mariage Freres at Matsuya-Ginza department store. It is their limited special cake for Christmas.

Buche de Noel from Mariage Freres_2

It looks very gorgeous, and it is glittered in colorful berries. And, its
original flavored tea, Esprit de Noel is used in the cream.

Buche de Noel from Mariage Freres_3

The cake had very rich taste with fragrant berries and the special tea. Also, a pack of the Esprit de Noel tea leaves comes with the cake.