World celebrities on Japanese ads : part 2

Followed by the last issue (World celebrities on Japanese ads), let me introduce other Japanese ads featured by the celebrities form overseas.

The most stand-out of this category is definitively the ad by a mobile phone company “SoftBank” featuring Cameron Diaz & Brad Pitt.

brad pitt

by p22311919

cameron diaz

by p22311919

The TV ad is quite simple. They are walking on the streets or dancing while talking on their mobile phones. Each version plays an old hit music (ex. The Kinks”You Really Got Me”,Olivia Newton John “Xanadu”, Swing Out Sister”Breakout” etc.) as BGM, which makes it even more impressive. Well, they are not set as lovers in the ad, by the way. (Serch “softbank” in YouTube)

The partner of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is also appearing in a Japanese ad. She is selected for the ads of a luxury brand “INTEGRATE” from Shiseido, which is the most popular cosmetic company in the Asia region. I think the lipsticks look really good on her thick, large lips.

SoftBank (in Japanese)


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