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Hi 8tokyo readers!

Hi 8tokyo readers!

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Unagi Pie (means “eel pie”) is very famous souvenir sweets in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka since 1961.
The crispy sweet pie contains eel extracts and garlic powder. I know it would sounds gross, but it is surprisingly delicious.
Now this Unagi Pie build a limited-time (3/28 – 5/6) pop-up store near from Laforet Harajuku. You’ll find super big (more than 4m) faux Unagi Pie easily.




They are selling various Unagi Pie for souvenir on 1st floor, and serving light meal and sweets related to Unagi Pie or Shizuoka prefecture on 2nd floor.

Unagi Pie – Shunkado
UNAGI PIE Factory 10th annniversary