Yukimi-Daifuku dessert – (sudden) trend recipe


So many people into the latest neo Japanese sweets Haagen-Dazs, both of 2 different type of small dessert cups contains mochi dumplings.
It was soon nicknamed Mochi-Dazs on internet, and it goes viral.
I saw tons of these ice cream cups at my nearest supermarket on-selling day, but next day, there’s nothing and the small handwritten poster says “all of the latest Haagen-Dazs were sold out”.
People like me, who could not get that, are trying to make their original “Mochi-Dazs like ice cream” and show these off on SNS.




I also tried this easiest recipe – just put some kinako powder (roasted soybean powder) and kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) onto Yukimi-Daifuku, mochi dumpling covered vanilla ice cream.
It’s really funny + fun, and of course tasty. I’ll make more very soon.

Hana Mochi – Haagen-Dazs
Yukimi-Daifuku – Lotte



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